On this page you can find brief descriptions of various research projects I’ve worked on. For more detailed information, please go see my publications.


Human-Robot Handovers

We developed a human-inspired controller that could perform fast and fluent handovers (bi-directionally) between a human and robot team. alt-text

Understanding Natural Language Directions

We addressed the problem of a robot following directions through a completely unknown environment (i.e. without any prior map) and developed an approached based on imitation learning. alt-text

Generating Maps from Language

Extending the work on following direction, we investigated how robots could use language as a sensor, whereby the robot could extend the partial map it has (built using its sensors) with information that was contained in the direction. alt-text

Imitation Learning for Multi-Robot Coordination

We looked at how a team of robots could learn to allocate tasks using expert demonstrations, by learning the task allocation utility function. alt-text