Suunto Core O-ring replacement

I recently had to replace the O-ring in my Suunto Core altimeter watch.

Rather than buy their replacement kit, I found an equivalent O-ring, which I purchased from my favorite online parts shop.

Primarily for my own reference (since I may have to do this again), here are the dimensions for the part I ordered:

  • Inner diameter: 26mm
  • Outer diameter: 28mm
  • Width: 1mm

Kodiak Robotics

I’ve joined Kodiak robotics, where we are working on self-driving trucks.

It’s a very exciting space to be in, and we’re always growing the team. Please get in touch if you’d like to chat!

site.baseurl issue

For some reason my pages’ {{ site.baseurl }} macro was not properly replaced with “/”. This broke all the CSS & links across the website.

The fix was to replace {{ site.baseurl }} with: {{ "/" | relative_url }} in all the html code.

This worked on both the local and the published page.

Thanks to various github bug reports for the fix.