site.baseurl issue

For some reason my pages’ {{ site.baseurl }} macro was not properly replaced with “/”. This broke all the CSS & links across the website.

The fix was to replace {{ site.baseurl }} with: {{ "/" | relative_url }} in all the html code.

This worked on both the local and the published page.

Thanks to various github bug reports for the fix.

Deep time (using Tensorflow to read clocks)

This is a simple project with the aim of learning to tell time from an image of a clock like this one: alt text

The code is available here:

In a nutshell, the approach looks something like this:

  • Generate a synthetic clock face with different times shown (input data).
  • Use tensorflow batch queues to provide a parallelizable input pipeline.
  • Formulate this problem as a multi-task classification problem, where one task is to predict the hour and one task is to predict the minute.
  • Use (essentially) CIFAR10’s model architecture.
  • Optimize cross entropy loss
  • Also measure prediction precision and time error (how far off our time telling is from the truth).
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glances, an awesome system monitor.

I found a really nice system monitor called Glances:


Installation is super simple:

$ sudo pip install glances
$ glances

You can also run this in web mode, which is useful for visualizing the system load on a remote server somewhere:

$ glances -w

Then, just point your browser to http://@server:61208

NOTE that you need to have bottle installed: $ sudo pip install bottle.