Deep time (using Tensorflow to read clocks)

This is a simple project with the aim of learning to tell time from an image of a clock like this one: alt text

The code is available here:

In a nutshell, the approach looks something like this:

  • Generate a synthetic clock face with different times shown (input data).
  • Use tensorflow batch queues to provide a parallelizable input pipeline.
  • Formulate this problem as a multi-task classification problem, where one task is to predict the hour and one task is to predict the minute.
  • Use (essentially) CIFAR10’s model architecture.
  • Optimize cross entropy loss
  • Also measure prediction precision and time error (how far off our time telling is from the truth).
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glances, an awesome system monitor.

I found a really nice system monitor called Glances:


Installation is super simple:

$ sudo pip install glances
$ glances

You can also run this in web mode, which is useful for visualizing the system load on a remote server somewhere:

$ glances -w

Then, just point your browser to http://@server:61208

NOTE that you need to have bottle installed: $ sudo pip install bottle.

Unittesting ROS in python

Setting up unit tests for ROS python modules is a little tricky, but once it’s in place you can easily automate testing of ros nodes.

Here is a very brief reference.

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