Multi-monitor gnome panels

Moving gnome panels to a different monitor.

  1. Right-click the panel you wish to move and select “Properties”.
  2. Uncheck the “Expand” option under the “General” tab.
  3. Grab one of the edges of the panel by clicking on the left or right end (top or bottom end for vertical panels).
  4. Drag the bar to the desired screen and position.
  5. Check the “Expand” option in the “Panel Properties” window and click “Close”.


Use ack-grep with an extension type

Search for some contents (‘foo’) only inside files with a specific custom extension (.ice):

ack-grep --type-set ice:match:/.+\\.ice/ --ice 'foo'

Search for whole words: -w.

Ubuntu application launcher

Ubuntu/Mint application launcher files live in: /usr/share/applications

To change the command that gets called when launching an application from the system menu, change the ‘Exec’ line in the appropriate file.

For example, you can change the file jetbrains-pycharm-ce.desktop to execute the command:

Exec=bash -i -c "/opt/pycharm/pycharm/bin/" %f